Dillon - Lead Guitar / Vocals

Dillon has been wowing audiences with his amazing guitar skills since he was 21.  He has traveled the West Coast playing in about every venue there is.  In addition to an already amazing music career, he is also pursuing the field of practicing law. Dillon enjoys hiking and watching a good movie. He draws his music influence from various artist like The Allman Bros, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Prince, and others.‚Äč

Brandon - Bass / Vocals

Brandon has been touring the country playing bass with some amazing groups, opening for Tesla, Night Ranger, and more!  A talented musician who enjoys computers and poetry, he draws his inspiration from groups like RHCP, Hendrix, Metallica, and more.  

Bubba - Lead Singer / Acoustic Guitar

Bubba has been performing for audiences all over the US for many years.  A multi-award winning singer/songwriter, his love for the country runs deep in his roots.  Drawing his inspiration from the older icons of country, he has been compared to a young Garth Brooks with his sound, performing with major artists for years. In addition to being a musical performer, Bubba also has entertained audiences all over the country as a DJ and MC.  From weddings to private parties, Bubba has entertained every kind of event in every kind of venue.  An avid outdoorsman, hunter, and fisherman, Bubba is a true country boy.

Blake - Guitar / Vocals

Blake has been playing guitar for over 12 years and has proven time and time again that he is a master of his craft.  A graduate of the Hollywood Musician's Institute, his knowledge of music theory is like no other.  The energy he brings on stage comes from his inspiration of Hendrix, Dean DeLeo, and Tom Morello.  A songwriter and vocalist, Blake finds his other loves in movies, murder/mystery novels, and spending time with family and friends.  A huge collector of albums and CD's, Blake loves to talk music with anyone who shares his passion.